G.T. RENTALS Safety Mission Statement: G.T. Rentals is fully committed to promoting a safe working environment for its customers and its employees. G.T. Rentals expects and requires all its customers and employees to adhere to all safety rules and procedures promulgated by OSHA and G.T. Rentals safety mandates.


Customers are expected to submit written verification that they fulfill the pertinent safety requirements with regards to large motorized equipment. These requirements would be disclosed to prospective customers before any rentals are agreed upon. G.T. Rentals may refuse to rent various equipment, if the prospective customer fails to provide evidence that he or she is certified to operate the specific equipment.


In the event the prospective customer fails to provide such evidence, the customer may be asked to obtain training from an approved trainer outside the jurisdiction of G.T. Rentals, or he may be asked to attend a customized training session at G.T. Rentals, before any rental is approved.




G.T. Rentals offers aerial equipment training and certification via its in-house training program. See details on the right column on this page under the heading of AERIAL EQUIPMENT TRAINING AVAILABE. If a customer needs a specific safety training course not available at G.T. Rentals, G.T. Rentals would provide customer with information where to attend such a safety course.

However, in this case G.T. Rentals is only a provider of information and bears no responsibility as to the qualification and validity of the outside trainer.   Having said that, it is always G.T. Rentals practice to recommend to our customers only highly reputable trainers.

GT Rental employees are required to attend safety meetings conducted by an authorized trainer, and must always be duly certified to operate any forklifts and aerial equipment. If an employee is caught repeatedly to violate any safety procedures, he or she may be severely reprimanded to the level of employment termination.

If we can be helpful in any safety issues, please call us at 718-782-7887 and speak to our safety specialist.

We wish all a healthy and safe working environment, and don’t forget:

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY! If you have questions regarding our Safety Training Program, please contact us


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